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I noticed some socks today that said "*** you" on them throughout the store at Fashion Island, Newport Beach. Realizing young girls shop here, I find this totally inappropriate and unnecessary. Add comment

Everyone's gonna be a different size, and body shape so what trendy stores (such as brandy)don't realize is that if your only gonna have one size then why don't you just make a clone of yourself and sell your clothes to yourself and your one perfect size. I've only been to brandy once and believe me I'm not going again, you know why? Because of one size but also the horrible girls that work... Read more

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I am extremely upset at this Instagram post I saw 8 minutes ago, I'm sure young girls follow this clothing line and this us so inappropriate. I am a mother of three with a teenage girl and I am mortified that this would be posted on social media. Add comment

I'm realizing this has happened to MANY other people, but on December 27 I placed an order for 1 tank top and 2 skirts. I got my order today, January 7 and they sent me a septum ring, a T-shirt with profanity on it, and the tank top that I ordered. Only one of those items was correct - the other two were WAY off base. Not even close to what I ordered. I don't even know what to say or what to ask... Read more

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Horrible customer service. Will not purchase from them again. Add comment

The word service ever. Every time I go to this store this young girl is working there. Every time we go there she ignores the customers completely. She didn't even look up once while several of us paid and checked out. Not once. Every time this happens. Is customer service truly obsolete? We were paying customers? How about a little courtesy? How about, "hello how are you, thanks for coming in... Read more

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HUGE WASTE OF MONEY! Basically, they don't accept returns on ANYTHING (no sales, accessories, no cyber monday, nothing!--you are STUCK with their overpriced ***), customer service never answers the phone and their website sucks. Cheap, overpriced junk that you cannot return FOR ANY REASON. I've NEVER dealt with such an unreasonable company. They know their stuff is *** and people will send... Read more

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Brandy Melville is a scam!! I ordered clothes for my daughter. When they arrived they said J. Galt not Brandy Melville on the tags. I called Customer Support..What a joke..they are rude, unprofessional and have no interest in what you, the consumer says. They also have no clue what the website says or about branding. Kat the "Supervisor" was so impressed with herself talking she never... Read more

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They have unbelievably bad customer service! The item was described as cotton, shipped for $7 and NOT cotton. I tri d to take it back to the store but they won't take it. They advise me to buy the one I want in the store and send the one I don't back. So I do. Then the online store won't take back the wrong sweater because it was purchased on cyber Monday so it's 'final sale'. So I try to... Read more

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I ordered on cyber monday which was 20% off the order so I ordered the (olive margie top $18), then 2 WHITE BEAD NECKLACES $10 I got the package today, and part of the flimsy packaging was ripped and there was only 1 NECKLACE! (I did get the top, and the other necklace) This was a gift for a friend so I needed it this week to ship out. I emailed brandy & they will supposedly refund me for... Read more

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