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I went and bought $40 overalls (with tax) and washed them. The next day, I went to wear them and I accidentally stepped on the buckle (the one over the shoulder). It bent and I'm like why am I spending $40 on overalls with bending buckles! I also have a shirt from there with two holes and I've only worn it like five times. I wore it at school by the way, and shirts shouldn't rip when you're sitting all day! Maybe this is kinda harsh but I am... Read more

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Every time someone gets a brandy Melville order online they are supposed to recieve brandy Melville stickers but when mine came on I was disappointed to see that there were none other than one on the package that when removed was no longer sticky :( the products I ordered were all great but I was also looking forward to the stickers that I never got

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Cheap clothing combined with terrible customer service makes for a bad recipe. My 12-year old daughter bought a black romper, wore it once, and the shoulder strap tore from the body shredding the fabric in the process. We tried to return the defective clothing 3 days later. The manager of the Walnut Creek, CA store told us that because the romper did not have the tags on it, she could not re-sell it and would not take it back. She then told... Read more

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I had recently got a $70 giftcard from Brandy Melville for a Christmas gift. When I was ready to pay, they said that there was no money in the card and that the card never "existed." They were giving me rude looks and it was just horrible. I was able to buy my clothes but they handled the situation rudely and I was disappointed. I don't think I'm going back to Brandy Melville.

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Dear Brandy Melville sales associate at the 499 Broadway, NY NY location, You didn't realize what you were doing, saying or acting like this afternoon but I have high hopes that my letter to the company regarding your actions earlier today will get ready and that they'll do something about it. That "fat" mom that you just called a "clueless *** that doesn't belong here in NY and should go back home to New Jersey," that woman that couldn't find... Read more

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their customer service is horrible. People work there have no logic at all, just talked to them, the girl on the phone threaten me if I don't listen to her, she is going to hang up on me. She is not making any sense. Everything is to protect their rights, what about customers. There inventory database is horribly designed, which means people who work on this is not educated. There were item already out of stock, they made a mistake and still... Read more

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Went to the Santa Monica location today, and had such a horrible experience. I asked multiple girls for help finding my size and products and nobody was helpful or could even point to me where an item would be. I picked out a few items and went to the dressing room to try it on. I had been previously shopping at other stores and had 4 other bags plus my camera bag and hangers with clothes so when I went to return the items I kept the clothes I... Read more

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Brandy Melville is very cheaply made clothing and is way overpriced. I bought this California shirt and after one wash (light wash) following the wash instructions, the California lettering is cracked and peeling. I didnt even put it through the dryer.. There seems to be no way i can return it. :(

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I am really angry at Brandy Melville! I love their clothes, but I paid extra for shipping because I had to leave for a trip. I can't use them, which I originally bought the for the trip, but I can not wear them. I paid 20$ extra for the shipping to come early!! I am so mad! I usually am loyal to them! I would recommend to buy them at the store if you want to get their clothes. I have also seen videos online with Brandy messing up orders, but... Read more

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i wrote the other brandy melville review about the hat and the shipping. Well, my order just arrived and now I know why they told me this hat that I wanted was mysteriously out of stock for the one day that I ordered and if I want it I need to pay additional shipping (even though I had free shipping). I believe they say certain things are out of stock just so that you have to reorder them and pay additional shipping costs. They crammed my... Read more

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