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Brandy Melville is very cheaply made clothing and is way overpriced. I bought this California shirt and after one wash (light wash) following the wash instructions, the California lettering is cracked and peeling. I didnt even put it through the dryer.. There seems to be no way i can return it. :( Add comment

I am really angry at Brandy Melville! I love their clothes, but I paid extra for shipping because I had to leave for a trip. I can't use them, which I originally bought the for the trip, but I can not wear them. I paid 20$ extra for the shipping to come early!! I am so mad! I usually am loyal to them! I would recommend to buy them at the store if you want to get their clothes. I have also seen videos online with Brandy messing up orders, but... Read more

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i wrote the other brandy melville review about the hat and the shipping. Well, my order just arrived and now I know why they told me this hat that I wanted was mysteriously out of stock for the one day that I ordered and if I want it I need to pay additional shipping (even though I had free shipping). I believe they say certain things are out of stock just so that you have to reorder them and pay additional shipping costs. They crammed my... Read more

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Ordered a lot of items to receive free shipping ($150 Plus), and then they ship my items a week later, then they tell me 1 item is not in stock after everything shipped.What? Nobody contacted me to get it in another color (which it does). Then it was back in stock the following day and they expect me to pay for shipping 1 $15 hat. They were rude and wouldn't work with me at all. I already spent the minimum $150, why do I have to spend it again?!... Read more

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I am so disappointed that they don't ship to Canada anymore! I live 10 hours away from the nearest Brandy Melville store, and the last time I shopped there half of the product was out of stock. I've spent lots of money on their clothing and now they're losing a customer. The website doesn't specify that there is no international shipping until you go through the whole check out process. And why do you have a whole instagram page "BrandyMelville... Read more

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Spent thousands on clothes for my daughter in the past 4 years. Had a problem with a defective t-shirt and no customer service! I could go on but dont want to waste my time on this pathetic company who does not stand by their products or who cannot train staff appropriately. I was planning on doing some shopping for her upcoming birthday but when I asked about the defective product I was so disgusted and threw the t-shirt on the counter and... Read more

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I ordered a cross-body bag from the website and was really excited to receive it because the pictures on the site made it look high quality for the price. I was so wrong in assuming this. The first thing I found questionable was the lack of a return policy on accessories. I just had to hope I would like it. I received the package and it was covered in dirt. It looked like it had been kicked around in mud. This is most likely a problem with UPS,... Read more

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I noticed some socks today that said "*** you" on them throughout the store at Fashion Island, Newport Beach. Realizing young girls shop here, I find this totally inappropriate and unnecessary. Add comment

Everyone's gonna be a different size, and body shape so what trendy stores (such as brandy)don't realize is that if your only gonna have one size then why don't you just make a clone of yourself and sell your clothes to yourself and your one perfect size. I've only been to brandy once and believe me I'm not going again, you know why? Because of one size but also the horrible girls that work there:((( they are wearing full on brandy bras, tanks,... Read more

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I am extremely upset at this Instagram post I saw 8 minutes ago, I'm sure young girls follow this clothing line and this us so inappropriate. I am a mother of three with a teenage girl and I am mortified that this would be posted on social media. Add comment

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