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Brandy is not telling anyone to change who they are, you just are mad because you can't fit in there clothes. I have been to plenty of stores before and they have had bitchy staff and crappy service, but don't take it out on the brand.

Maybe think about how it feels to be at the other end. I for example, am constantly called anorexic, which I'm not. I love to eat and have never skipped a meal, but some people can be cruel. When I go shopping I can't find clothes.

That may come to a shock to some people, but it's true. They don't make that much clothes to fit my body. I am constantly teased by other girls that I'm flat and my clothes are baggy. Sometime I wish I could be a normal height and weight, just like other girls who are bigger.

I think brandy was trying to help girls like me find cute clothes that actually fit. It's not like they're the only store to sell that type of clothes. If you really wanted to, you could buy something very similar at other stores. IF YOU DONT LIKE IT THERE, DONT SHOP THERE!

It's that simple. And it's not like brandy hangs a big sign up saying YOUR FAT UNLESS YOU FIT IN OUR CLOTHES SO BECOME ANOREXIC. Becoming anorexic is your choice, and sometimes even genetic. You don't have to hurt yourself, it's your choice.

You just have to see how amazing you are and not compare yourself to anyone else. All other stores sell less of the smaller sizes, so it's hard to find things. Sure Abercrombie and Fitch has tiny clothes, but even I can't fit in that. That store is for kids and Tweens not high schoolers.

Brandy is reaching out to girls who are smaller.

You just want to brandy down because you can't wear their clothes. Maybe you should put some of your effort into finding clothes that you fit in and your comfortable with instead of trashing stores online.

Review about: Brandy Melville Clothing.

Reason of review: Not as described.

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Just because I fit into Brandy Melville's clothes does not mean that I'm not healthy. I'm 5'3 and 100 pounds and that's normal for my age.

I just happen to be naturally petite and have a hard time finding clothes as well. I don't get mad because even most brands' size 0 doesn't fit me. I don't get mad because I can't find clothes at Lane Bryant.

Different stores and brands cater to different people. That's just life.


I'm sorry that you don't have the body you want and you get bullied for it but honestly this sounds SO ignorant. These clothes only fit on stick thin people, not healthy people stick thin people.

There is even a picture showing their clothing sizes. And don't even get me started on their "one size fits all" bs. I don't even understand why you like their clothes at all because the quality of their clothes and the prices are ***.

This *** store it exactly like A&F, they don't think about the people with bigger sizes. I'll admit, their clothes are cute but how am i gonna enjoy them if they fall apart after one use and don't even have any sizes that fit me?

Mississauga, Ontario, Canada #939757

#PREACH your right !!! ..

i'm 5'11 and 121 pounds i got made fun of constantly because a) i had no bust and b) i'm a giant anyways i could never find a store who fit me so well ,i love the type of clothing brandy's has and it makes me pissed when i hear other girls upset that they couldn't find their size saying the store should change (um no like i used to have to wear boys clothing cause girls couldn't fit my arms and legs )and that the store is making them feel fat like stfu please , like they choose to go to the store ,it's your choice people ... and for anyone who's pissed about the warehouse sells being *** like the regular stores are open 365 (give or take ) days choose to be a cheap-skate like you get what you pay for ...

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