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Well, I'll be the first to say that I love Brandy, and not because they're hyped up. They have amazing sleep shorts and basics that are super soft because of their Micromodal material, which is just to die for. Until..... You wash their stuff.

Everything pills like crazy. Their clothes are droopy in the first place so the shape doesn't change much but you end up with little balls of thread all over the clothes. I guess you could use a pill remover to get rid of them but that would just be a lot of work. On the bright side, most of the time the pills aren't noticeable to others, and the clothes will make it through a few washes before the pilling gets bad. Plus, they're still soft post pill. But still, I wish their clothes lasted a little longer.

Also, because everyone else is talking about it, don't hate on a brand just because it's OSFA/M. If you don't fit in it, wear something else. Stop giving skinny girls a hard time. It's just as horrible to say someone is anorexic as calling someone fat. If you think it's rude to talk about weight because it's a touchy subject, you're right, but it applies to everyone. Why is it ok to call someone thin but not fat? Seriously, come on.

We all know some brands tend to have smaller sizes, but that does not give anyone an excuse to ridicule skinny people. And also, lululemon models are exactly the same as Brandy models. Fitness doesn't matter when you talk about weight, you can be fat but healthy, so stop saying brandy girls are anorexic but lululemon girls are perfect. And if you knew brandy girls, you would know they have extremely toned bodies too. End rant....

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