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I don't even want to put my effort writing review for such an awful company so I will make it short.

Basically, people who work there have no work experience at all and I am pretty sure they hire them from their looks and styles. I've been to their store and their warehouse sale but both experience was so awful I don't even have a word to describe.

The employees there have no idea what they are doing what so ever and they are just chit chatting all the time behind the register or folding clothes and not greeting the customers.

I've been to their warehouse sale before and oh god they are ridicuously rude to their customer who have been waiting in line for hours and hours and only given 30 minutes to dig bunch of boxes filled with ripped damaged clothes. And I understand that some of the customers there (especially young teens) don't follow their orders when they tell you to stop digging for stuff and make their way to the cashier. BUT. BUT, the employees or stuff or whoever working there ( I saw 15 yrs old doing the cashier. Weird right?) do not how to speak to their customers that they tell them to get the f*** out of the boxes. I even heard them saying b*tch and all other words that are not for sure appropriate to use toward the customers.

And to top off the worst service, they do not even give you a receipt and they calculate manually. This girl who was giving me an attitude the whole entire time overcharged me and guess what? when I told them that they overcharged me, they wouldn't want to give me a money back because they thought I stole some of the stuff I bought after I purchased my stuff. Instead, they told me to choose the clothings that are worth the price they overcharged.

Oh, and they did not even apologize me.

I would love to see the face of the CEO of this company because he or she must be so dumb enough to not to know how to controll their business and make their customer happy.

Their clothings are super cute, I agree. But having such an awful customer service won't even make their business grow.

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