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i went to Brandy Melville's location in NJ, and previously i had gone to their location in NYC. I got to the store and not only was it disorganized, but their employees act condescending and rude, although Brandy's website promises a warm and welcoming environent.

When I went, they were having a huge sale, and by their definition of huge, they mean only 10% off of every item in the store, which isnt that much of a discount. I bought a sweater for $45 and a tank top. After one wash and wearing it a couple of times, my sweater began to unravel. The tank top became outstretched and was too awkward to wear after a few washes.

Brandy Melville's quality is very, very poor and for that kind of quality, they shouldnt charge so much. The materials they use are light and airy, but not very durable. I have purchased clothes with similar materials but they lasted much longer than what i purchased from Brandy that day.

Also, going back on their terrible service, i purchased at least $20 worth of jewelry but none of it was put into my bag and I was charged for all of it, but unfortunately, by the time i realized this, i was already home. And also, they put all of my merchandise into a black bag, one that might be used for garbage.

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I called customer service and they told me its how you wash most clothes is hand washed in cold water and air dried because of there material. I think a lot of people make the mistake of machine washing there clothes. I'm really sorry about your experience.

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